Aqua Illumination Blade Glow Actinic 12in 20w

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The Blade Glow will fluoresce your tank and help your corals “pop”.

Coral Glow features a LED mix that maximises spectral peaks that showcase coral fluorescence.

Ideal as a supplemental source of fluorescence that can be added to a Blade Grow or supplement your current lighting to find your “just right,” perfect combination.

Glow Spectrum

The Blade Glow is uncompromising in a mission to fluoresce coral.  Spectral peaks in the lower range of the blue and upper range of the UV spectrum that stimulate coral fluorescence peaks and bring out the otherworldly colours that make n aquarium glow. 

LED's (per cluster)

The AL Blade™ Glow utilises the latest LED technology from leading manufactures, arranged to provide the best performance.

Per Lens Segment

  • 12 - Royal Blue
  •   6 - 430nm
  •   3 - 415nm
  •   3 - 405nm

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