Aqua Illumination Blade Grow Coral 48in 100w

Sale price$660.00


The Blade Grow offers immense power in a thin package, featuring a LED mix that maximises spectral peaks needed for coral photosynthesis.  

Use alone or augment with the Blade Glow for a colour combination that fits your needs.


A balance of blue and while diodes efficiently addresses the photosynthetic needs of coral.  The Blade Grow delivers output in the deep blue range of the spectrum (400-500 nm) which is proven to be a highly effective marine spectrum range.


The AI Blade utilises a cluster group configuration. Each Blade size includes roughly one cluster group per foot.

Tight grouping and balanced diode placement contribute to the incredible balance and shimmer that the Blade platform delivers.

The Blade Coral Grow includes the following 24 diodes per cluster group.

  • 12 - Royal Blue
  •   6 - Cool White
  •   6 - Blue

The Blade incorporates a highly efficient heat sink design.  Passive cooling means no fan and no air movement or fan noice.  This makes the Blade ideal for lighting aquariums in living spaces where less noise is a big plus.

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