Aqua Illumination Blade Refugium 12in 20w

Sale price$249.00


The Blade Refugium is a macroalgae growing machine. Silent, sealed and easily mountable take your biological filtration to the next level with a refugium powered by AI.

Refugium Spectrum
A hardcore horticultural spectrum of red and blue will not win any beauty contest, it will however, grow macroalgae. 
Nutrient-consuming macroalgae will flourish under the right conditions and the right lighting. The Blade Refugium delivers this highly targeted spectrum.

The Al Blade Refugium utilises the latest LED technology from leading manufactures, arranged to provide the best performance.
* 6 - Red
* 6 - Royal Blue
* 6 - Cool White
* 6 - 430nm

The Blade incorporates a highly efficient heat sink design.  Passive cooling means no fan and no air movement or fan noise.  This makes the blade ideal for lighting aquariums in living spaces where less noise is a big plus.

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