Aquael Thermometer Link - Wireless App Alert Temp Monitor

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Great Value Safeguard for tank!


The Aquael Thermometer Link is the smart thermometer range from Aquael.

The Thermometer Link uses a wifi connected system allowing you to set a normal temperature range for your aquarium (minimum and maximum value). When the temperature is outside the set range the application sends an alarm notification to your phone to alert you in this event.

The Thermometer Link also records the temperature inside and outside your aquarium over time allowing you to access and analyse complete data easily from your phone.

Rated for use in fresh and salt water aquariums.


Product advantages:

  • An electronic thermometer controlled via the Aquael Aquarium application

  • Records and stores temperature data for conditions inside and outside of the tank

  • Enables the desired temperature range to be set (the minimum and the maximum value)

  • The application sends alarm notifications when the temperature inside the tank is out of the set range

  • 2 temperature sensors that measure the temperature inside and outside of the tank

  • Update function

  • Recommended for fresh water and salt water aquaria as well as terraria

  • Powered via a USB port

  • Manufactured in Poland



  • A wide-range, high-precision electronic thermostat (+/- 0.4 °C)

  • The thermostat is fully electronically controlled, which means that there are no failure-prone mechanical parts

  • Indication of the current temperature of water in the tank

  • Easily readable indication of the set temperature

  • Each specimen undergoes computer-assisted testing and calibration at AQUAEL’s laboratory to ensure precision and safety of operation

  • Wi-Fi enabled

  • Two Temperature Sensors

  • 0-50 Degrees Range

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