Artreef Rocks Rock Solid

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Rock Solid is a 3 part epoxy jointing kit for a long lasting bond that's as strong as a rock!

Rock Solid should be used for larger reefscape designs and overhangs where maximum strength is required.

Our epoxy resin has been specifically formulated using a 3 part system consisting of Epoxy, Hardener and Filling Granules to ensure maximum strength when submerged in salt water and to suit our unique rock colour so blending is achieved when applied.

Our kit saves up to 70% usage when compared to other cement based products saving you time and money when it comes to permanently bonding your aquascape together!

This kit includes:

150ml Epoxy resin

50ml Resin hardener

500g Filling granules

200ml Mixing/Measuring cup

2 x 120mm Long x 8mm Diameter acrylic rods

2 x Wooden mixing sticks

One pair of protective gloves

This epoxy resin kit is an absolute game changer in the marine scaping sector and will not disappoint!

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