Artreef Rocks Stick It Cyanoacrylate 100ml

Sale price$46.95


‘Stick It’ is a high-quality, THICK Cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive, specifically formulated and designed in Germany for use in the harshest marine reef environment and dry rock gluing.  ‘Stick It’ is the MOST versatile CA glue on the market, with endless uses in the marine aquarium and around the home as well!  

‘Stick It’ is proven to outperform all other thick CA's, with its incredible strength when fully cured.

Fragging? ‘Stick It’ does that too with ease.  We supply to some of the country’s leaders in the coral industry who love fragging their high-end corals with ‘Stick It’ and swear by its capabilities!  When used with ArtReef Rocks loose pieces, ‘Stick It’ can be used in conjunction with ‘Set It’, our very own CA activator which accelerates curing time and saves you time when aquascaping!

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