Coral Essentials Calcium Up 3kg

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Calcium Up

Our Coral Essentials Calcium Up is concentrated Calcium Chloride granules at 94% purity, in a handy 3kg bucket.  For those marine reefers with large tanks it is an extremely cost effective way of providing your calcium dosing. You can follow our simple recipe to make up solutions at 100,000ppm to match the calcium concentration of our renowned Calcium + Trace pre-mix liquid solution, the full bucket makes up 10L at 100,000ppm.  You can also use the familiar Randy’s 1 and 2 mixes. All instructions for the above are detailed on the bucket itself.  Then simply add our Power Trace A and B for  the complete calcium dosing additive with essential trace elements. For optimum results the Calcium levels in marine tanks need to be checked regularly to determine the uptake in your system. Simply calculate dosing requirements to suit the depletion rate using our easy to use dosing calculator on After you have determined this, a regular check of the calcium levels should be made. Your tank will change over time as coral grows, new pieces are added. We have found ideal calcium levels to be at about natural sea water levels for most aquariums. Levels of 430-470ppm are desirable if you want to maintain high levels of growth in a SPS and hard coral dominant system.

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