Kamoer Qijian3 WQS

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Qijian 3 WQS is a smart sensor with WIFI remote function, contains five sensors, respectively, pH, REDOX ORP, salinity and conductivity EC, temperature Temp, dissolved oxygen DO, can monitor the value of these sensors in the cylinder, can query on the Kamoer Remote App sensor history, help users better understand the water quality in the cylinder. In the event of an abnormal sensor value, the App can receive an abnormal alarm push.

Product characteristics:

  • Small size and powerful
  • The 6 sensor parameters of pH, ORP, EC, salinity, DO, and temperature can be measured online simultaneously
  • App remote control, you can see the sensor real-time value, history record
  • Sensor value abnormal alarm push
  • Support for online firmware upgrades
  • The own display can view the real-time value and status of the sensor
  • Support for sensor calibration


  • Water quality testing for marine/freshwater aquarium Including hard bone coral (SPS), soft coral (LPS) and ornamental fish.
  • Water quality testing for planted tank
  • Water quality testing for hydroponic device.

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