Kamoer X2SR Auto water change system

Sale price$789.00


X2SR is a twin head, Wifi water change pump, Automate water changes on your aquarium. One pump removes water, the other replaces it.


  • Auto water changed and auto top off are all-in-one
  • Water change at specified volume ad adjustable flow rate
  • Wi-Fi remote control via iPhone.Android device
  • Use Stepper peristaltic pump to meet long-term use and high accuracy
  • High quality PharMed tubing used inside pump heads
  • Integrate multiple liquid level sensors to ensure the safety of the system
  • Upgrade firmware via OTA
  • Dimensions: 168mm x 177mm x 223mm

    Software details:

    • Two water change modes: refill after drain, drain and refill at the same time
    • 1-24 water change plans per day
    • Water changes frequency from 1 day to 99 days
    • The flow rate of drain/refill pump can bet set freely
    • Flow rate calibration and correction for drain/refill pump
    • Push alarm to the user's mobile device once the device is abnormal
    • Auto synchronized network time

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