Nyos Reef Putty Black 200g

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Nyos® REEF PUTTY is a two component epoxy putty for corals and reef structures.

REEF PUTTY has the following characteristics:

  • Can be used above water and underwater
  • Soft epoxy putty with a processing time of approx. 45 minutes
  • Silicone-free; will be overgrown by coralline algae
  • Adheres to corals, live rock, glass, plastic, PVC pipework etc.
  • Available in black and stone grey
  • BIG PACK 200g / 7oz


  • Wear protective gloves
  • Use a sharp knife and cut equal pieces from each of the two sticks
  • Remove wrappings from the cut pieces
  • Knead both components to a homogeneous mass
  • The putty is now ready for use and can be used above water and underwater
  • Processing time approx. 45 min, sets after approx. 3 hours, complete strength after approx. 2

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