Polyplab Genesis Rock 4 pk

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- Designed For Fresh or Saltwater Aquariums
-  4 Rocks Included in Set
- Reduces Phosphates and other dissolved organic compounds.
- Increased Beneficial Bacteria Colonies
- Zero Leach Technology - 100% Fired Ceramics

Rock Dimensions - 10 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm



Genesis Rock is a 100% Ceramic Compound fired at 600+ degrees that will last in your tank for years. 

The Genesis Rock can be used in fresh or saltwater aquariums and can be used under your sand or rock substrate, in your refugium, or simply hidden in your aquascape. 



Rinse material well with purified water, but preferably aquarium water. Our rock is specifically designed for zero leaching so we have very little dust, but we recommend washing just to be sure. 

Place Genesis Rock in a plastic container, filling it with aquarium water, and then adding your favorite bacterial product (our favorite is Polyplab Genesis). Add your bacteria to the container based on the size of the aquarium you are adding the rocks. Allow for your Genesis Rocks to stand at least 12 hours, and then place them inside your aquarium. If you are not using any bacterial supplement, you can place rock directly in the aquarium after rinsing. You can discard the soaked water to ensure no microscopic dust gets moved to your aquarium. 

Aerobic - Optimized for Nitrite, Ammonia Removal
To use the Genesis Rocks to create aerobic bacteria, place the Rocks above water level over your refugium, overflow, or suspended in your system. Run tank water over the rock, and allow the overflow to run into your water column. Do not run your entire system flow over the blocks, only around 40 gallons per hour estimated.

Anaerobic - Optimized for NItrate Removal
Install the Genesis Rocks in a very low flow area, deprived of as much oxygen as possible. This can be a low flow area in your sump or refugium, under your sand, or hidden in your aquascape. 

Aerobic & Anaerobic - Optimized for general performance
Install the Genesis Rocks in a medium flow area of your tank, sump, refugium, or other portion of your system which has a medium flow of water. This will allow the outside of your Genesis Rocks to propagate Aerobic bacteria while the inner portions of your Genesis Rocks generate Anaerobic bacteria. 

*Be sure not to place the Genesis block in any area where it might rub against other equipment and cause damage to the block such as a vibrating protein skimmer as an example. 

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