Red Sea ReefDose 2

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  • Single drop accuracy dosing heads with a direct-drive planetary gear-motor, provides an accuracy of ± 0.05ml or an average deviation of 0.5% (over 10ml).
  • 4 easy-set, smart dosing options for each head, that are automatically combined into one coordinated schedule.
  • Easy assembly click-on/off dosing heads (no tools or alignment required).
  • Automatic delay between the heads to prevent chemical interaction between supplements.
  • Automatic dose compensation for doses missing due to power loss.
  • Daily dose per head of 0.2ml up to 1000ml in increments of 0.1ml.
  • On-demand manual dosing.
  • 3 dosing flow rates: Whisper 15ml/min, Regular 30ml/min, Turbo 45 ml/min.
  • Motor life expectancy of 10 years – based on 250ml/day/head.


The ReefDose is more than just another programmable dosing pump. Smart software functionality like the “Dynamic Dosing Queue” run by the controller combines the desired dosing plans for each head into one coordinated daily dosing schedule for the complete device. The queue is automatically updated after any settings changes, and reschedules any doses that are missed due to unscheduled events such as power outages, maintenance, or feeding.


ReefBeat App

The ReefDose is also part of the Red Sea smart ecosystem, integrating with other ReefBeat devices. With programming through the ReefBeat App, the ReefDose can be programmed for multiple automated dosing setups, or set up for individually customized dosing schedules. Through ReefBeat, you can schedule dosing programs to run every day, or only on selected days, with daily doses ranging from once per day to once per hour.

  • Automatic rescheduling after changes in dosing schedule or number of doses
  • Dose Queue presents coordinated list of doses scheduled for all heads
  • Dose Log keeps a record of supplement volumes per hour for up to 30 days
  • Peace of Mind - Receive notifications and alerts of missed doses and more
  • Volume monitor keeps tabs on when reservoirs need to be refilled
  • Set a dosing head to “Food Head” and use it to dose liquid foods

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