Reef Factory Reef Flare Bar S 60cm

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The Reef Factory Reef Flare Bar S 60cm

These highly efficient fixtures produce a strong PAR output and maximise PUR at 100%.

The Reef Flare Bar: Blue spectrum has 6 different coloured LEDs for a blended blue spectrum. 

Spectrum designed to maximise PUR @100% All of the light generated is used by the corals with 0% wastage Providing a light source that generates pigments Chlorophyll A & B with peaks in the Blue spectrum Wavelength nm peaks in the 430 and 460 range

Programmable controllable wifi Reef LED Bar.

34watts, 60cm Long
Covers 20x60cm

410nm x 3
430nm x 6
450nm x 2
460nm x 4
470nm x 1
480nm x 2

Smart Reef

Controllable single channel with the Smart Reef wifi app, see your power usage and adjust your scheulde from anywhere in the world.

Light Bar
PSU with Wifi
Short hanging cables with clips
Additional brackets sold separately

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